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Kinetico Brand and Design Guides

The function of these guidelines is to ensure that wherever we communicate we are visually and tonally consistent and that our content and messaging is driven by - and reinforces - our purpose, positioning and values. The North American Residential Brand Guidelines book details the correct use of the Kinetico logo, typography uses and image useage for multiple purposes. The Vehicle Identification Design Guidelines illustrates how to apply our brande guidelines onto vehicles.

Click the links below to download a PDF copy of the guidelines.

  • Kinetico Brand and Design Guides
    • KineticoPro Brand Guidelines
    • Kinetico North American Brand and Design Guides
      • Kinetico Signage Design Guidelines 12.2.19
      • Kinetico Vehicle Design Guidelines 7.23.19
      • Kinetico NA Residential Brand Expression Guidelines 2.26.19
    • Directives sur l'image de la marque Kinetico (Français)
      • Directives sur l’image de la marque Kinetico_3 mai 2019
      • Directives de conception pour l’identification des véhicules_3 mai 2019